The Wedding Guest Dilemma

So, I know my next post is meant to be something i’ve made, but that will have to be my next, next post.

Because this is keeping me awake…

Our wedding venue can only take 60 guests, so I’ve always said in my head that if we haven’t seen someone in the past year we won’t invite them, so that completely discounts the whole of my aunts and uncles on my dad’s side, I figured that this wasn’t fair and that actually there were a few who I’d quite like to be there, even though I haven’t seen them in years and they’ve never met my husband-to-be. I mentioned this to my dad and he looked heartbroken. Now the problem is that there’s not just a couple of them, if I count my dad’s sisters and brothers and their respective husbands and wives, that’s 20 people, yes my dad is one of 11. That’s 20 people who for the most part don’t know what I studied at Uni and who probably don’t know what I do for a living any more. I’ve always said that I don’t want strangers at my wedding, and aside from the fact that we are connected by blood, and I used to see them up until the age of about 16 (I’m nearly 27 now) they don’t know me anymore. I want to have the friends that Neil and I have made along the way, the people we meet up with and see on a reasonably regular basis, the people we call if we need help, advice or a friendly ear there, but ultimately we only have room for 60 guests. The other obvious option is to find a bigger venue, but I don’t want to, I am in love with the venue we have found. So I don’t really know what do do, I don’t know what etiquette dictates and I don’t know if I should care. I have thought that I could invite a couple of the ones that I am ‘closest’ to but that still makes 12, can I just invite the aunties and not their partners? I don’t think that would go down very well. Why, oh why does this have to be so complicated.

Perhaps we should elope?


So I have spoken to my mum, she is a wise lady, she said, write a list of all the people you want there and just invite them. Easy!?



March 6, 2011. Wedding.

One Comment

  1. Niamh replied:

    I was going to say exactly what your mum said. Write a list starting with the people you want there the most, when you get to 60 “if your name’s not down, you’re not coming in!” x

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