Ceremony & Reception Venue Candles via Ikea

Some thoughts about colours and items we might use in our Marquee…

Florera Range from £1.32-£2.03

Jubla Range from £2.34 for 10

Simple but beautiful and elegant Fenomen floating candles £3.05 for 24

Florera Fin 3 Wick Block £15.31 each

Blomster Bowl £6.12

Blomster Candlestick set of 3 £15.31

Blomster Lantern £13.25

Galej Tealights 4 pack £0.91

Superfin Tealight £0.40 each

Blomster Candlestick Set of 3 £15.31

Galej Tealights pack of 4 £0.91

Pomp Lantern £9.18

Borrby Lantern £7.14

Karaboda £3.19

Rotera £4.07

Morkt Lantern £5.10

Lanstalle Small £6.99

Lanstalle Large £12.99

Rotera Lantern £2.99

Ivetofta Lantern £2.03


April 16, 2011. Decoration, Wedding.

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