The cake…

As soon as I got engaged I knew that I wanted my cake to be from Maison Bertaux, Soho, London.

I have been going to Maison Bertaux regularly since I stumbled across it on a wander around London in the first few months of living there. Now that I no longer live in London I always make sure that whenever in London I make a detour when I’m visiting, even if it means travelling right the way across London.

I have taken pretty much everyone I know to Maison Bertaux, it has to be my favourite place in London and pretty much acts like my ‘North Star’ and I navigate myself around London based upon its location.

There is also a closer family link that I didn’t even know about until after I’d been visting Maison Bertaux for about 2 years. My Auntie who is as scatty as I got her wedding cake, a majestic Croque en bouche, from Maison Bertaux. I have vivid memories of my Aunties majestic cake standing tall in the living room of her London flat when I was about 6 years old. On a visit to her house I was telling her all about this fantastic little independent patisserie I had stumbled across, she told me that Maison Bertaux was where she got her wedding cake! There are more of these funny little links to family in other parts of our wedding. There is a whole story about my Auntie and her new Husband carefully carrying the 4ft tall croque-en-bouche in the back of a London cab! Needless to say the staff at Maison Bertaux were a bit disconcerted when the black cab arrived and the cake, along with my Auntie and Uncle disappeared off to Stoke Newington, London.

I have pictures somewhere of my Auntie’s cake and I will post them when I manage to dig them out.

Click the link to read more about my cake adventures…

Anyway, back to my cake.

The cake was on my ‘List of Three’ that my boy and I had. The ‘List of Three’ was the three things the boy and I wanted for the wedding. There is a post on this ‘List of Three’ to come.

I knew straight away that I wanted mini-patisserie from Maison Bertaux, stacked on a random assortment of glass cake stands, with a small croque-en-bouche to cut.

So where I am I on the planning of this cake-stravaganza from Maison Bertaux….

I have the cake stands – everyone I know seems to have gotten involved in this part of the wedding, in particular the boys parents and my parents. The count currently numbers about 15! The only restriction was that it be a glass, stemmed if possible and cost no more than £5. The charity shop and carboot hunt was on! Here’s just a small selection of the beautiful cake stands…

The cakes – I have spoken to Maison Bertaux, and am about to get to the nitty gritty of what we are ordering in the next few months, I know rough cost, needless to say its not cheap but it’s in my top three and I’d rather have the cake and lose something else.

The idea is to have lots of mini-patisserie that guests can pick and choose a selection of.

Now I know what I want, but we have a bit of a problem…. the patisserie is in Soho, London, the wedding venue is St. Agnes, Cornwall. So that’s about five hours travel with about 150+ mini patisserie items! Haven’t quite fully worked out the logistics of that yet, although one of my bridesmaids fella’s has offered to transport the cakes. And we’re thinking of using those expanded polystyrene boxes to pack them. Any suggestions are welcome!

The croche-en-bouche….well after a bit of research croque-en-bouche needs to be made on the day. Which rules out a Maison Bertaux croque-en-bouche. I haven’t had any luck in finding anyone in Cornwall that makes croque-en-bouche (so if you know of anyone please pass on the details!). And so I need another idea for the cake to cut.

I have found a couple of pretty cakes on i am baker and I think I might have a go at making my own little cake to cut to go with my mini-patisserie….

Well, that’s the story so far…

I’d love to hear the stories of your cake, especially if you’ve gone off the beaten track a little.

If I weren’t having my cake from Maison Bertaux I’d do what I saw in a Bridal magazine a couple of years ago and have the guests bring a cake and have them enter it into a competition to be the wedding cake…perhaps that should be my Plan B should the Maison Bertaux idea not work out…..


June 4, 2011. Baking, Cake, DIY, Wedding.

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