‘List of Three’…

So when the boy and I got engaged, just over a year ago we started off by identifying our top ‘List of Three’ things that we each wanted for the wedding. These were things that we each wanted and would want over other things.

Click below to find out what they are and how we’re incorporating them into our special day… (also I’d love to hear what your wedding ‘List of Three’ is or would be)

The Boys ‘List of Three’

  • Skinners Ale (He’s a Truro boy born and bred)
  • Mini Cocktail sausages (He’s obsessed by these)
  • Flip-flops (Like I say, he’s a Cornish boy through and through)
My ‘List of Three’
  • My hair to be done by my fabulous stylist Yuka from Kaizo Salon, Shoreditch, London.
  • The cake to be mini-patiserrie from Maison Bertaux, Soho, London
  • TBC
It turned out that I only had two ‘deal-breakers’ and seeing as mine cost a darn sight more than the boys I figured that was only fair!
The Boys ‘List of Three’ is in full swing. We have a few kegs/barrels of Skinners on order. It helps that the Master Brewer is a close family friend, infact his wife is making my wedding dress. More info on ‘The Dress’ will follow. The cocktail sausages are going to be made by a local butcher in Cornwall, so we’re having gastro cocktail sausages! The flip-flops, well the Boy hasn’t quite decided on whether he’ll wear the flip-flops during the ceremony. He’s going to be wearing a suit and I reckon that some smart leather flip-flops will look cute, and will suit him to the ground.
My ‘List of Three’ is also coming along well. The fabulous Yuka from Kaizo salon (http://www.kaizo-uk.com/) has booked me in for my hair, which is VERY exciting. My justification to the Boy when he asked why I would be shipping my hairdresser from London was ‘if she’s the only person I trust to cut my hair, she’s the only person I’d trust to style my hair on our big day’. That and over the years she has become a close friend, she’s also one of the few people my mum will let cut her hair so I’m having her do mine, my mothers and bridesmaids hair. I know that I will be able to completely relax when she’s doing my hair as she knows me and my hair and my style so well that it will look fabulous. The cake, well you can read all about that in a previous post, needless to say it’s a work in progress and a logistical nightmare. What I love is that the Boy hasn’t been negative at all about the fact that the likelihood is that we may not be able to get the cake from London to Cornwall. I’m just going to cross that bridge when I come to it. Fingers crossed.
What are your ‘wedding must-haves’?

June 6, 2011. Author, Food, Hair, Wedding.

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