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I recently came across Emily’s blog and was inspired by her ‘Rules of Summer’ post.

I teach in a Secondary school and as a result have lovely periods of holiday, but I waste my time, I watch too much telly, and whilst a bit of telly time is nothing to feel guilty about I want to DO more with my time.

And so with that in mind, and inspired by emily’s post, here’s my list of things to do before the end of the Summer holidays….(these are all things I’ve never done but have been on my wish list for a while)…

  1. Go to a “pick your own” fruit and veg farm
  2. Try oysters
  3. Buy and wear a fabulous 50s style dress (including hair and make-up)
  4. Have a fabulous, glam picnic with friends
  5. Make homemade pink lemonade and ginger ale
  6. Go on a kayaking adventure (I’ve just passed my Level 1 Kayak course and started my Level 2!)
  7. Do a little mini tour taking in just a few fabulous British tearooms/cake shops (starting of course with the fabulous Maison Bertaux, Soho, London)
  8. Go on a London Bus Tour
  9. Go for at least one ‘Wild Swim’
  10. Spend a day walking some of the Thames Path
  11. Visit Eltham Palace
  12. Make a dress
I’d love to hear what’s on your list of things to achieve this Summer…I’d also love to hear your suggestions on places I could go/things I could see or any ideas you’ve got to help me achieve my little goals!
Read on to find out some more details…
I could have oysters at ….
My 50s style dress could look like this….
 My picnic might look like this…
I’ve found recipes for Pink Lemonade and Ginger Ale here… (click the pics)
The ‘Wild Swim’ Idea was inspired by this book…
Eltham Palace has always been on my list of places to see…
I’m very excited about this Summer, stay posted to see how I get on….

June 8, 2011. Things to achieve....

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    […] one of my ‘Things to Achieve’ ( is to do a mini-tour of British Tea Rooms and Cake Shops, and I need suggestions on places to go […]

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