How it happened…

So this is how it happened on 10th April 2010. The boy and I had gone to Cornwall for another whistlestop visit (The boy’s parents live in Cornwall). It was the school Easter break but the boy had two tours he was working on so we could only spare 4 days for this trip. I told the boy that I didn’t mind if we didn’t make it down to Cornwall, he insisted we go.

In the car on the way down, I bought up the subject of marriage, not something I did often, I mentioned that we’d been together for nearly 4 years, and asked where he saw our relationship going. He told me he didn’t believe in marriage, I didn’t talk to him for about an hour!

We arrived in Cornwall, said hello to the boys family, went to bed, all was normal.

The next morning we were up quite early, unusual for a trip to Cornwall, but it was a lovely sunny day so I got up and had breakfast, the boy was keen to go out and take the family dog, Padi, for a walk. We drove to St. Agnes headland, a place we’ve been many a time and a place that I remember the boy telling me was very special to him.

We went for a walk, I had my camera and was taking lots of photos, the boy and Padi were off ahead. When I caught up to the boy he was sat on a grass verge taking in the view. I sat on his knee, he asked if I fancied going shopping today, I said I didn’t mind, it was a beautiful day, perhaps we should go to the beach instead, he said he had some bits he wanted to pick up in town, I said ‘well I do need a new toothbrush’, we decided we’d go into town.

The boy stood up, I stood up, he got down on one knee, and asked “Will you marry me?” I said, half laughing “Are you serious?”, he said “Yes”, looking nervous now, I said “Yes!!!!” We hugged, we kissed, I was shocked.

I had NO IDEA, not a smidgen of an inkling! I was shaking with excitement.

He said “The shopping trip is for us to choose the ring!” And there was me talking about buying a new toothbrush…

The photo below was taken minutes after I said “Yes!!!!”

How did it happen for you? I’d love to hear your engagement stories….







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  1. Shirley replied:

    Hey Amy – lovely engagement story! I had 2.5 proposals (sort of!) …. it was my birthday in Feb and he’d bought tickets to see Cirque de Soleil at the Royal Albert Hall. We’ve been before and it was fabulous so I didn’t think anything of going this year, esp as it was my birthday. Anyway a few weeks before the show, he came downstairs and was visibly shaken. When I asked what the matter was he just said he’d had a bad dream. Again I thought nothing more of it. My dad’s birthday is the week before mine so we were up in York seeing my parents. I had a really bad cold, was feeling like death and was coughing my lungs up in bed. He got out of the shower just as I was rolling out of bed and when he got down [on one knee, though I didn’t realise it quite then!] I made a weak joke about it not being often that you see men on their knees. Then he said ‘Shirley, will you do me the honour of being my wife?’. I was utterly speechless (which is rare for me) and then said ‘wow, uhhh … yes!’ Turns out he had wanted to ask my dad’s permission and then panicked that my mum might say something so asked me straight away!

    So what of the other 1.5 proposals? Well, I found out afterwards that he’d planned on asking me when we were at Cirque de Soleil, but the night he’d had a bad dream he’d actually dreamt that when he got down on one knee in front of the entire Royal Albert Hall, the show was being filmed and everyone was looking, but when he asked me I said no! So he couldn’t bring himself to do it then just in case his dream was a premonition.

    But my favourite ‘proposal’ was months and months earlier, when we had been in the car driving back from parents. I’d met his mum for the first time that weekend (she’s very ill and housebound so although we’ve been together a while, I hadn’t met her) and he said to me ‘thanks for coming to meet my mum today’ … ‘you don’t need to thank me, it was nice to meet her’ I replied …. and then he said ‘yes but it means a lot to me that my mum met the woman I’m going to marry because she might not be alive when we get married’ …… SNIFF!! I was practically in tears for the next half an hour and I don’t think he ever realised how much that little conversation meant to me.

    • whispersweetnothing replied:

      wow, 2.5 proposals! I definately agree the proposal in the car on the way back from his mum’s is definately the best one! So sweet. I loved hearing your story xxxx

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