“The couple who’s ring fell down the hole”…

So we headed off into Truro, Cornwall to buy an engagement ring…not toothbrushes (see my previous post for further explanation!).

I thought I knew what I wanted, something very sparkly and in Platinum. The platinum stayed, I don’t suit gold jewellery, but all the rings that I picked out that I thought I liked, when I tried them on, didn’t suit. We had been to all of the jewellery shops in Truro, chains and independents and had found nothing.

There was one jeweller’s called Cathedral Jewellers, Cathedral Lane, Truro that I really liked, it was a tiny little independent jewellers. We went back a few times and looked in the window but I saw nothing that I liked. We went in and asked about commissioning the ring, Clive the owner and jeweller explained that yes they did and asked what I wanted, I explained that I thought I knew but that everything I’d tried on I hadn’t liked. He suggested that I try on all the different rings and pick out the bits I liked, so I did. As I was trying on all the different ring I tried on a ring that I’d seen in the window but hadn’t given a second thought. It was a simple platinum ring with a diamond solitaire. I tried it one, it was very simple, I couldn’t help but smile when I put it one, I said “Can I have this one please?!” The boy said we should go away to have a think about it, so as it was a beautiful sunny day, we decided to go away, have an ice-cream and a little think about it. We asked if they would put the ring aside, they said yes, we went away, had an ice-cream on Lemon Quay, I decided that I had fallen in love with the ring.

We went back, and this is where the fun began. As they were taking the ring out from its little hiding place it fell from its stand and down a small hole in the window….my beautiful engagement ring was stuck underneath a bay window…. after about half an hour of digging out the ring using a long piece of wire, the ring was retrieved, I tried it on, it was too big but Clive offered to resize it there and then. The boy paid, we left to go wandering round Truro until the ring was resized.

A few hours later we received a phone call, the ring was ready for collection! Yay! We went back in to collect the ring, when we got there the cutest thing happened…. in all the commotion of the ring falling behind the window they had forgotten to take down our names, and so on the little envelope that contained my ring was written “The couple who’s ring fell down the hole”!

My ring fitted beautifully and we have a fabulous little story as well….

Do you have a story regarding your engagement ring? I’d love to hear all about it ….


June 12, 2011. Engagement Story, Jewellery, Wedding.

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