Progress so far on my ‘Things to achieve…’

  1. Go to a “pick your own” fruit and veg farm
  2. Try oysters
  3. Buy and wear a fabulous 50s style dress (including hair and make-up)
  4. Have a fabulous, glam picnic with friends
  5. Make homemade pink lemonade and ginger ale
  6. Go on a kayaking adventure (I’ve just passed my Level 1 Kayak course and started my Level 2!)
  7. Do a little mini tour taking in just a few fabulous British tearooms/cake shops (starting of course with the fabulous Maison Bertaux, Soho, London)
  8. Go on a London Bus Tour
  9. Go for at least one ‘Wild Swim’
  10. Spend a day walking some of the Thames Path
  11. Visit Eltham Palace
  12. Make a dress
I’m off on my first extended Kayak trip in several years, off for a little paddle down the River Wey, it’s a 6 mile trip, think I’ll be pretty wrecked on Monday! I’ll let you know how it goes, I’ll try to take some photos, could probably do with a waterproof camera, that might need to go on my Christmas wish list….So part of Number 6 will be complete by Sunday – I say part because I want to do many more kayaking expeditions this year…
Number 12 – I have bought a dress pattern….
Just need to buy the fabric now…..

June 17, 2011. 50s, DIY, Dressmaking, Sewing, Things to achieve....

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