Inspired by sweetapolita….

I thought I’d be more adventurous for my friends birthday this year and had a go at making a cake inspired by the amazing work of Rosie over at

Initially I wanted to make the fab ruffle cake, but I didn’t have the time and was a bit reluctant to have a go at making swiss meringue buttercream in a rush, so I improvised….

I used the chocolate sponge recipe from the ruffle cake, then I made traditional vanilla buttercream, made it a very light pink and iced my cake like the ‘Love Cake & Sprinkles’






Unfortunately my photos don’t look as good as Rosie’s.

If anyone knows of any tips on how to take great food photos I’d love to hear from you!

The cake tasted AMAZING.

I would definately recommend Rosie’s Chocolate cake recipe, found here:


July 5, 2011. Baking, Blogs I like, Cake.


  1. Niamh replied:

    Amazing cake!! The birthday girl was very happy 😉

    mmmmmmmmm shame I got so drunk that I left the other half in the bar for everyone else to eat while I had to be taken home early…

    • whispersweetnothing replied:

      You didn’t go home that early, it was definately way past 1am, you did good girl! Glad you liked the cake!

      • Niamh replied:

        It always counts as early if you’re not the last man standing hahah x

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