Blogging and creativity….

I love reading other people’s blogs, I love looking at what projects they’ve worked one, my consumption of paper based magazines has dropped dramatically now that on a click of a button I can find any number of incredibly creative people to read about. And I love it. It has become grossly addictive. What I am worried about is that I am spending all my time LOOKING at what OTHER PEOPLE have done and I’m not using the time to DO THOSE THINGS MYSELF!

I’ve always been a little afraid of making things, I love making things, but I always worry before I get started that whatever I want to make won’t be good enough, and more often than not this worry stops me from actually creating anything. I have so many bits and pieces of projects I started or wanted to start, and they sit there in my study (which is a place of pure chaos at present – I think this is another ‘tool’ I use to stop myself making things) reminding me that I never did start/quite finish that project………

Your thoughts?

July 10, 2011. Crafts, DIY, Things to achieve....

One Comment

  1. Babb Photo replied:

    I say have a go. I didn’t think I was any good at making things and I’ve recently made my own fabric flower wedding bouquet!

    Why don’t you get involved with this:

    Laura x

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