So, it’s been a while….

So the wedding has been and gone, some 5months ago now! Everything got ontop of me and I stopped blogging. I hadn’t even checked on this little blog of mine til today and there’s been plenty of people dropping by. So sorry for not being around. I’m actually undertaking a new adventure and setting up my own business called Amy’s Button Box, specialising in running bespoke craft parties for ladies who want to celebrate in style with the people they love. So look in on my new adventure at and if you’d like me to arrange a craft workshop party in your home get in touch! Xxx Amy C (was D) xxx

(providing Bespoke Craft  Parties in Fleet, Hampshire and surrounding areas)


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What we did…Rock My Wedding Real Brides Hen Party

We arrived at our lovely venue, our coats were taken, and we quenched our thirst with a lovely glass of lemonade that was sporting a Rock My Wedding Hen Party stirrer!

We all said hello, it was a strange experience, strange because we have been chatting to one another on-line, almost daily, for months, but we had never actually met. We had discussed all sorts of things from what we were wearing to problems we’d encountered with friends and family with regards to the wedding. It was great to finally meet and put a ‘person’ to the little Facebook face we’d been chatting to!

Charlotte, Adam and Kim had laid on a feast of events!

There was jewellery making….I made a lovely little hairpin (completely inspired by the fabulous hairband made by the fabulous Amanda Champness – Rock My Wedding’s DIY Bride.) Leading the jewellery making experience was the lovely Samantha Neville from (an Award Winning Surrey based bridal shop), she had laid out all these boxes of crystals and diamante and we were allowed to pick and choose as many items as we liked and could make anything from headbands to earrings, bracelets, hairpins etc. Sam was also good enough to give me some advice on the crystal hairpiece I’m making (more on that hopefully this weekend!), she even gave me a few diamante pieces to add into my little project! Definitely a real sweetie who loves what she does.

There was a bit of decoupage, we were each given a cardboard letter – they’d even gone to the extent of us all having the first letter of our name! And there was a table full of glue, paint, paper and fabric, and we had free reign! Inspired by my love of brown paper (I have a whole Board dedicated to the subject over on Pinterest) I decided to just add a few bits of beautiful beaded lace to my letter A.

Then we had little sandwiches and cakes – the vanilla buttercream cupcake was to die for!

Then the fabulous and eccentric Sev Hubert from The Hepburn Collection did our hair and the lovely Mariam Jensen did our make up and lashes! I wish I had taken some photos now, I am sure there will be some on RMW soon.

It was the most perfect afternoon! Crafting, cake, cocktails and lots and lots of guilt-free wedding talk!

I wish I had written this post sooner after the event, I feel like I have missed some vital details but this week has been crazy busy and this is the best I’ve been able to do.

My own Hen Party is in early April, and I have NO IDEA what will be taking place! I have been given a weekend to keep clear and that is it! I have emailed them with what I’d like to do and a list of people, but whether that’s what we’ll do I have no idea, I know they’ve had their own plans all along. Little bit nervous if I am honest, I do trust my girlies, but truth be told I am a bit of a control freak!

Are you planning your own hen do or have you handed over responsibility to your Bridesmaids?

What would your dream Hen Do look like?

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What I did this weekend…Rock My Wedding Real Bride Hen Party

You may or may not know that last year I competed with a number of other wonderful brides to become a Rock My Wedding Real Bride.

Unfortunately I wasn’t successful in my bid, however I have made some fabulous friends. One of the Brides Shirley Herron got in touch with us all winners and non-winners and we created a little group. We message each other regularly with ideas, problems etc and everyone is SO SUPPORTIVE. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever been part of such a supportive group of people. We are all doing such different things for our weddings and all ideas and thoughts are accepted, probably one of the most common phrases said to one another is ‘It’s YOUR wedding, do it YOUR way’, and often that is just what you need to hear!

Well….pretty soon after getting in touch with one another, the idea was floated of meeting up, this turned into us having a Hen Do together and so after several months of planning (mostly by the fabulous Shirley Herron!) we finally met yesterday!

I haven’t any photos, I wanted to just enjoy the day and the lovely Ben from Touch Photography was there taking professional photos throughout the day, so hopefully we’ll get a peek of those pretty soon! The gorgeous Laura Babb, a fellow RMW Real Bride applicant, and an up and coming wedding photographer (if you’re looking for a photographer for your special day I would definitely look her up!) also took a few snaps, which I can’t wait to see!

So, we met, and it was fabulous. Everyone was so lovely.

We met in the Balcony Room at the Shakespeare’s Globe, which is a lovely little venue for a party or get together. I didn’t know this before but you can even get married there!

Charlotte of RMW fame hooked us up with Kim from The Pink Pumpkin, who planned an amazing day for us!

We had jewellery making, some paper crafts, makeup and hair…. cake and cocktails….and lots of talk about weddings.

It was lovely to finally meet all these fabulous ladies in person, and to have a day of completely guilt free wedding indulgence!

I have SO much more to say about the day and all the fabulous people and suppliers that I met, but the puppy is whining and needs to be walked so I will have to come back to this post and fill you in with all the details…..come back soon!



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Burlesque Workshop Party – Hen Party Idea

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Vintage Boudoir Photography – Hen Party Ideas


I have been thinking about doing a vintage photo shoot for my hen party, I have emailed Ruby to find out more details and am looking forward to hearing back from her… find out more at her website (click on the pic) or subscribe to her blog

Ruby is currently running a draw to win a free photoshoot, see her blog for more details….

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