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OK, so a guilty pleasure, Easy Living Magazine.

I don’t know why I feel guilty reading it, I guess because I feel it’s like I’m not quite in its demographic yet. It feels like its aimed at people with their lives together, families and careers. I guess I have a career but I still feel like just a kid reading a grown ups magazine. I aspire to have the lovely looking house, the glamourous dinner parties, the fabulous wardrobes, I feel like I am not quite grown up enough yet. I feel like a pretender!

Oh well, I love reading it, I always find a million things in there that I like, often I think “I could make that‘, infact ‘I could make that‘ is what I say whenever I go to any of those cute crafty shops, craft markets/shows exhibitions etc. I’ve been known to jot or sketch my ideas down in my  Moleskine notebook, sometimes I’ve even been known to buy the bots needed to start a project but more often than not it stops there, trapped in my craft cupboard or Moleskine notebook.

One of my aims for this year (I hate to call it a New Year Resolution) is to actually craft more, to go through the whole process. I don’t know what it is that stops me at the materials/notebook stage, I know I have the skills (I’ve made plenty of successful things in the past), I have the time and the means (I used to use my old job as a convenient excuse, but with my new job that excuse no longer exists), then it was settling into a new house (that’s done), my fiance being home (he works away a lot, in fact he’s away for 2 months at the minute, so I can’t use that excuse at the minute), so what I am getting at is that there is nothing stopping me from making all the lovely things I want to make. But before that I should probably get on with the aim of the post!



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3D Petal Pouffe

I want one of these:

From Marks and Spencers for £119

How long do you think it would take to make one? I might have to try and find out!


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I Love London….

Now that I am due to leave London I am falling in love with everything London based…

I love London mugI  love london high red bus


Adorable Egg CupsGuardsmen


Soldier setPersonalised Soldier Tableware Gift Set


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Pink and blue…

navy and pinkPink & Navy Napkins


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Rose bed-head

Flower Bed


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Knitted porcelain


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Yes please! Cross Stitch kits from Emily Peacock

Large £75.00, small £54.99

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Tree trunk table


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Wall planner



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Letterpress table



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