Finish the sentence…

I can’t live without…….cake, my Neil, my puppy.

What about you?


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What I did this weekend…Rock My Wedding Real Bride Hen Party

You may or may not know that last year I competed with a number of other wonderful brides to become a Rock My Wedding Real Bride.

Unfortunately I wasn’t successful in my bid, however I have made some fabulous friends. One of the Brides Shirley Herron got in touch with us all winners and non-winners and we created a little group. We message each other regularly with ideas, problems etc and everyone is SO SUPPORTIVE. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever been part of such a supportive group of people. We are all doing such different things for our weddings and all ideas and thoughts are accepted, probably one of the most common phrases said to one another is ‘It’s YOUR wedding, do it YOUR way’, and often that is just what you need to hear!

Well….pretty soon after getting in touch with one another, the idea was floated of meeting up, this turned into us having a Hen Do together and so after several months of planning (mostly by the fabulous Shirley Herron!) we finally met yesterday!

I haven’t any photos, I wanted to just enjoy the day and the lovely Ben from Touch Photography was there taking professional photos throughout the day, so hopefully we’ll get a peek of those pretty soon! The gorgeous Laura Babb, a fellow RMW Real Bride applicant, and an up and coming wedding photographer (if you’re looking for a photographer for your special day I would definitely look her up!) also took a few snaps, which I can’t wait to see!

So, we met, and it was fabulous. Everyone was so lovely.

We met in the Balcony Room at the Shakespeare’s Globe, which is a lovely little venue for a party or get together. I didn’t know this before but you can even get married there!

Charlotte of RMW fame hooked us up with Kim from The Pink Pumpkin, who planned an amazing day for us!

We had jewellery making, some paper crafts, makeup and hair…. cake and cocktails….and lots of talk about weddings.

It was lovely to finally meet all these fabulous ladies in person, and to have a day of completely guilt free wedding indulgence!

I have SO much more to say about the day and all the fabulous people and suppliers that I met, but the puppy is whining and needs to be walked so I will have to come back to this post and fill you in with all the details…..come back soon!



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20 weekends and counting…and the invitations are done…

I’ve started counting down in weekends now as that is when I have most time to jobs for the wedding. We now have 20 weekends to go… panic much!

The past two weeks have been very busy, with work and family reunions and meeting new friends, all that and finalising the design of the wedding invitations!

I wanted to do the invitations on Adobe Illustrator, but couldn’t really justify the expenditure to buy the software. But I took inspiration from Rock My Wedding Real Bride Kelly Hardman¬†who uses Microsoft PowerPoint. I had never used PowerPoint to create anything like this but I thought I would give it a go. Admittedly you don’t have the flexibility that you would have when using a professional graphics product, that said I am more than happy with the results I have managed to achieve, please let me know what you think!

We wanted the ceremony invitation to be a more formal affair, but we still wanted it to reflect us as a couple, so Neil edited the image we had taken for our Save the Date cards and we made it into a banner to go across the top of the invitation. The font we used was HandTIMES from

It had a nice formal quality to the shape but the hand-drawn effect made it feel more relaxed and more appropriate for our beachside wedding.

We wanted the Reception Invitation to have a more relaxed and fun quality to them. Initially I liked the idea of a carnival inspired invitation and I had Pinned (if you’re not familiar with Pinterest, you have to check it out!) a few to my Wedding Ideas Pin Board:

These beauties were designed by Erica Miller over at Thoughtful Day, she really does produce some fabulous work. I had wanted to show you what I had managed to create but I can’t find the file. Anyway, Neil felt that it was a bit too ‘themed’ for our wedding so it was back to the drawing board.

I had liked all the typographic based invites out there and so I started playing around. Our wedding colours are turquoise and fuchsia and I’ve used the colours as backgrounds for the Reception and Evening Reception invites. I’m not going to lie, it took AGES, about a month in total, working on them on and off, downloading countless fonts from Here is what we ended up with:

Hopefully it conveys the more relaxed feel we want from our wedding reception. It was great fun to produce however the last week before it was finished I was getting tired of tweaks and changes but I am happy with the results.

And finally… the Evening Reception invite, we wanted this to be simple and bold. I had seen this print some time ago, and loved the quote on it:

So I took the words and the font Grenadier from and created this:

And so the invites are designed, we have sent them off to the printers, they should arrive next week!

We decided to use on this occasion, just because of their price, we had used for our Save the Dates but they were more expensive. Whilst the price of was cheaper than it was much more fiddly and complicated to use and we had to do lots of formatting to the images we had created using PowerPoint to get them to fit. For ease of use I’d definitely recommend, but you can’t argue with the price of

All of the information regarding times and detailed locations are being printed on the back of the cards and we opted to go for Vistaprint’s Oversized Postcard option.

Are any of you designing your invitations? Where have you found your inspiration?

What do you think of the fact that the invitations don’t ‘match’ one another? I like the fact that the different ‘feels’ for the different parts of the day are conveyed in the invites. That and I don’t like things to be too ‘matchy matchy’.

Please feel free to comment…the Blogosphere can be a lonely place at times!

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6 months and counting…

Here I am again, I took some time away from blogging, but I am back again to write about the final leg of my wedding preparation. I would love for any of you who come across my little blog to feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts. Looking forward to hearing from you and to sharing with you the final preparations for our big day.

We have made all the big arrangements, all the major elements are booked and almost paid for, but there are lots of elements, little crafty elements that I would like to include, many of which I haven’t even started yet! Some of which include:

  • wedding invitations
  • my crystal headband/headpiece
  • giftbags for my bridesmaids
  • drinks stirrers
  • bunting
  • a photo wall
  • a bar
  • corsages for the guests

I’m sure there are many more crafts I have said I will do but those are the ones that most readily spring to mind and if I am honest, they should provide me with more than enough work along with my full-time job as a secondary school teacher. I worked out today that there are only 23 weekends left until I am to marry! Best get busy!

What crafts are you planning on doing for your wedding? How long do you have until the big day?

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30 Days of Lists….A Few Goals For the Week…

By this Sunday I will have…

…made homemade waffles for breakfast.

…cleaned my house.

…completed one of my craft projects.

oooohhh and…

…completed one of my summer projects.

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30 Days of Lists…A Few Things I’m Listening To…

At the minute I’m not actively listening to anything although I love…

…Jo Whiley’s Radio 2 show on Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s

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30 Days of Lists… Things I’m Looking Forward To

I’m looking forward to…

…my puppy being house-trained.

…meeting photographers to discuss our wedding photography.

…having a Cornish getaway at the end of August.

…all the lovely things I have planned for my summer hols.

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30 Days of Lists: Things I am Good At

I am good at….

baking cakes.

listening to others (I hope so anyway).

staying calm.

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30 Days of Lists: A few things about me…


Navigate London via cake shops.

Have a stationary addiction.

Love Moleskine notebooks.

Am addicted to books and magazines.

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30 Days of lists….

Saw this today over on Amy Radcliffe’s website ( its called 30 days of lists, i found the complete collection over at the 30Days of Lists website (

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